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Skovrider Stable

Sanne Skovrider is the founder and manager of Skovrider International. She has been on the Danish Equestrian Federation since 2010 and still shows horses at a high level.

In the beginning, Skovrider Stable only specialized in selling reining horses, but today Skovrider Stable is successful with selling and promoting  top-quality horses for championships and for riders at different  level of competition, hunters, equitation horses, dressage horses and jumpers.

Kristian has more than 35 years of experience as an examined riding master on the Danish Equestrian Federation. He is a dedicated stable manager and an excellent rider with a lot of top results in showjumping; including national and international Grand Prix Jumping.


Crucial to Kristian's approach is how he examines the relationship between horse and rider, and recognizing that every client has specific needs, ambitions and abilities, Kristian works to help our many international clients find the most suitable jumpers, hunters, equitation and dressage horses.

Many of the horse we have sold to the States through time, is today still to see in the show pen and some of them are gone into "memory lane". Like Strapless - the world famous hunter horse, portrayed by Breyer.
Kristian Skovrider, Denmark - examined riding instructor with more than 30 years in the business. He is the founder of Skovrider International. Has been showing horses on international level, training students for Nations team competitions, team leading young horses for World Championship etc etc

The team

Skovrider Stable is based in Denmark and has developed into a modern stable with top-quality horses.

Our team consists of experienced trainers, riders and support staff and our main focus is on the well-being of the horses in order to ensure the highest possible standards and building a strong riding foundation based on traditional equitation principles which are successful across all levels.

You deserve the best horse...



In Denmark there is no horse with succes in the showring that we do not know. You deserve the best horse, so contact us and let us show it to you.

Hunter & Equitation


For years we have sold and mediated horses to the international winning circle, and we know what you need and what the judges expect. Please contact us for more information.



Breeding dressage horses for top-level competitions is what Denmark is known for. At Skovrider Stable, we have first-hand contact with the absolutely best dressage stables in the country and know where to spend the money.

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