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Danish horse winner of the Preliminary PHA at the Ocala Winter Eventing

The Natural E - winner of the Preliminary PHA at Ocala Winter Eventing

Another great horse from Skovrider International reach the winner circle in USA. This time it's the fantastic gelding "The Naturel E" aka Leo which we sold to Megan Lynn a couple of years ago. Megan just fit perfect with this horse. She has done a fantastic job with him, and even doe he was a great horse when she bought him in our barn, he now shows that he has all it takes to join the winner circle. Megan Lynn is a part of "The Elevate Event Team" which is sponsored by Kentucky Performance Products. The Naturel E won the Preliminary Horse Divicion at the Ocala Winter 2 last weekend, with an amazing score at only 26,20. Truely a fantastic job.

Megan Lynn, congratulation - good job!


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