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Against the elite...

Herning Horse Show 2017, the biggest horse show in north of Europe is now over and very well done. Lykkehøjs Cassander was - not surprising - again extremely good in classes against the elite.

“This horse will go all the way”, Kristian Skovrider said before and now again. There is no doubt in his mind. Latest at the horse show in Herning he was in the final in Medium tour - 145 cm - together with some of the best riders at the show. He was with a clear round placed in the best third of the horses, among Henrik Von Eckermann from Sweden who not long ago also won the World Cup finale in Göteborg on the horse Cortina. And Peder Fredericson also from Sweden on H&M Christian K. His best result must be at the Olympic Games in Rio, where he was placed as number 11. We also had a former European- and World Champion on place number three; Carsten-Otto Nagel from Germany with the fantastic gelding Womanizer.

Sune the spring is here and we can’t wait to see how he is doing in the outdoor here in Denmark. He already has lots of good results from last summer, where Kristian took him to Kentucky Horse Park, USA to try him on the big courses. He was tremendous and took home a lot of ribbons. Also he did good in Odense in the International Youngster class, 130 cm, in 2015 and 135 in 2016. Therefore Kristian have high expectations for Cassander for this year. It will be exiting to follow them both. Kristian is sponsored by Heritage Gloves - a new generation of riding gloves. Video will come shortly

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