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Norway was a great experience

Big and difficult courses was on the menu at Drammen in Norway, when we showed the CSIO 1* in May. Hero - the amazingly expressive 8 year old gelding by Heart Beat did very good for Kristian Skovrider, with several clear rounds and winning. Among them he took the lead in the 135 cm CSIO class. Truly a good show for this special horse, breed by Uwe Thomsen in the south of Denmark. Have a closer look of this sales horse at our webside.

Hero and Kristian Skovrider - Heritage Gloves

Kristian also showed Lykkehøjs Cassander, breed by Charlotte Rasch, Denmark - also did splendid. After his winning in the Grand Prix in Herning back in February 2017, he need to show that it wasn’t a one-time-only. Of cause it wasn’t. In Drammen he again showed is worth with a beautiful clear round, placed as number 7 in a strong line of competitors, in the CSIO Grand Prix 1*. The third horse, Kristian showed in Norway was the fast and easy horse - Eros. Also a 8 year old gelding, by Zapatero. Eros was comfortable and relaxed. He did a nice job as always and that paid of. He came in on the 2th place in the 135 cm. Thank you Drammen, for once again open up for a show like this.

Eros, by Zapatero with Kristian Skovrider in the sadle. Here at Vilhelmsborg, Denmark

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