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New sales horses in the barn

Another horse just left the barn to begin the long journey from Denmark to the states. This time all the way to California. We are happy that this resent client found her favorit horse among the horses in our barn and we wish her and the horse all the best in the future. When a horse is moving out - new is moving in. For the first time in several years our barn is again full and we look forward to a busy autumn. Come for a visit - and find your favorite one. We have a few just broken horses. A couple of young ones with some training behind. A handfull of more trained and experienced horses. And if your are looking for a well trained, ready-to-go horse for classes up at Grand Prix level, we can also show you a group of good ones. Take a look at the website So, if you are in the marked for a jumping horse, hunter prospekt, equitation horse, Danish dressage horse or maybe even a horse for the eventing games, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Even if you not looking at the moment, you should sign up to our “news” at Some day you may be... and then you’r ready.

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