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Bækgaarden 2017 - a fantastic horse show

Every year this show gets bigger and bigger but also better and better. Friendly, cozy surroundings with tent barns, wash racks, food/beverage shops and all kind of traders under the blue sky and the shadows of the trees. The warmup area is perfectly close to the actual showground and people are just having a good time. Close to 700 horses competed on this showground in week 26 and 27 - and it was a perfect show. Thank to Lise Thøgersen and Kim Kristensen, the couple behind this amazing show, for open up their private horse facilities ones again.

We had a great week, showing two extremely talented horses. Here you see Hero. He is a 8 year old gelding which is going only one way; UP. Like several times before, he again lived up to our expectations. He came in on 3th place in 135 cm and also did good in 140 cm with a 7th place. Have a closer look of him on our website if you are on the look for a new showjumper.

He is for sale.

#Hero #KristianSkovrider #Bækgaarden #KimKristensen #LiseThøgersen #Salehorse #jumpinghorse #Horseforsale

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