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Danish horses can also do it for the children

So true that Danish horses are great in the big jumping competitions around the world. But also when we look to find a suitable horse for a younger rider, the danish breed are good choices. Sue Lightner - the well known and successful trainer in sunny California - ones again take a young talented rider to the top. A big congrats to Payton Potter and the amazing Pacord! First time in the children’s jumpers.... champion week 4 Thermal and MID CIRCUIT Champions! Way to go!!!!! Pacord was shown the first time in the states by Kristian Skovrider in 2015. It was on higher fences of course and they were very successful, which draw Sue's attention. "I wanted to try to show in states and thought this was a great way to do it. I shipped Pacord and another great horse over there and hope to sell Pacord before going home, to pay for the experience", Kristian Skovrider says. "and I was happy to cross roads with Sue". The rest of the story is obvious... Pacord is by Bøgegårdens Apollo - a very succesful horse in Europe.

#SueLightner #PaytonPotter #BøgegårdensApollo #Pacord #ThermalCalifornia #HitsWestCoastShows

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